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The Netherlands
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Healthy, fresh farm milk

Dairy farm in Poland

Tipperary Farm has been part of the Vossen Group since 2003. The company specialises in producing high-quality fresh farm milk. With its own complete coarse fodder supply, we can guarantee our cows receive perfectly compiled feeds every day. The feed is adjusted according to the animal's needs in respect of its age and stage of lactation. The cattle are cared for 24 hours a day by a trained team of motivated workers.

The modern business operations guarantee the animals' well-being, care for the environment and food safety. This is how we produce milk for further processing every day and in a responsible fashion.

Young stock in the Netherlands

Young stock from the subsidiary located abroad are bred at two locations in the Netherlands. The company is using an international breeding programme and carries out artificial insemination in accordance with the Triple A coding system. Our breeding team is always at the ready to provide the right care. With this combination, the company is able to guarantee its young stock are bred with the right genetic background resulting in animals with an excellent state of health for a long life.

In addition to breeding cattle for our own use, we regularly offer pregnant heifers for sale to third parties. If there is some interest please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.