Karreveld 4
6089 NC Heibloem
The Netherlands
T +31 475495082
F +31 475495252

Quality guaranteed thanks to our own mother sows

Pig farming

Vossen Leudal BV is a company that specialises in pig breeding and pig farming. The company is located in Heibloem from where it produces piglets and breeding pigs in a Multisite system. This system offers advantages with regard to hygiene among pigs of various ages.

Once a week, we send our piglets to one of the 4 pig breeding locations in Germany, where they continue to grow to a weight of 25 kg. Breeding is carried out in collaboration with the Rattmann company in Straelen

The company in the Netherlands is a sustainable location that since 2008 has complied fully with the latest requirements for 2013 (Dutch Livestock Housing/Emissions Decree), but also the latest requirements in the context of the manure processing obligation.

The company's breeding stock comes from its own population of mother animals. No animals are purchased, which ensures that the animals' health is maintained. The reproductive sows have the perfect maternal characteristics for producing high-quality Pietrain pigs. We supply both within and outside the European market. For further information about genetics, and our terms & conditions and supply radius, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask about the possibilities