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3 Generation Vossen

Vossen Group company history

The company was established by Harry Vossen in 1948. As it was common in those days, the company had just a few pigs, chickens and cows. In 1978, the second generation André Vossen and Peter Vossen set about continuing their father's life's work. The company at that time consisted of pig and dairy farming.

In their search for new opportunities and possibilities, the family opened a company in Poland in 2003. Over the years, this company has developed to become a modern dairy farm with accompanying arable farmland on which to grow its own coarse fodder.

In 2008, the family in the Netherlands began producing their own energy using organic waste from their own companies. This energy production allows the company to be less dependent on fossil fuels and ensures that the Vossen Group uses and processes organic waste sustainably.

The third generation of the family is now also active within the company. The Vossen Group is internationally oriented and is still strongly connected with the agricultural sector.